About A Castle of Knowledge

Impactful Personal Coaching That Empowers & Inspires YOU

Here at A Castle of Knowledge, all of the services are performed by Arlayn Castle; a Legal Eagle with a background, and experience in psychology, counseling and empowerment leadership. Arlayn has provided effective guidance and coaching on numerous life and relationship issues for over 15 years (including issues of co-parenting, relationships/marriage, separation, divorce, healing after breakup, etc.). Her coaching emanates from real life experiences which allows her to provide guidance in the most honest and transparent manner that change peoples' lives. In order to fulfill her desire to expand her sphere of influence, she incorporated other effective formats such as courses & ebooks to the range of solutions she offers to impart beneficial & constructive information when assisting individuals during challenging circumstances. So book you FREE 30-minute call now, or write a message through the contact form below if you desire any help.